In 1954, Henry and Betty Corwin set out to design a home for their young family. Uninspired by the initial sketches from their first architect, they called the office of Richard Neutra to see if he might have a local recommendation for them. To their surpirse, Neutra replied that he would be happy to design a home for their rugged, private, 4 acre property, spanning the Saugatuck river in suburban Connecticut. And so began a collaboration that would result in The Corwin House.

At times, there would be challenges: Betty recalls questioning Neutra's plan to put the master bedroom at one end of the home, with the children's bedrooms at the opposite side of the home. Neutra assured her that she would come to appreciate this design, and indeed he was correct. The public spaces are all faced with at least one wall of glass. The back terrace provides expanded living space and a stunning view to the river below.

Today, the Corwin House is a reminder that great architectural design can be timeless.

The family is seeking a unique transaction which will allow Betty Corwin to remain in residence for the balance of her life. Based on an asking price of $3,200,000, the ideal buyer will be willing to purchase an option today which can be exercised to purchase the home in the future. This represents an unmatched opportunity to secure the right to an important piece of architecture at a known price. The Corwin House is one of only two known homes in Connecticut designed by Neutra, giving it a significant place in the mid-century modern architecture world.

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